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Humwatan Australia Community Organisation

HACO is a not for profit organisation with a mission to help our community members in the event of death of a family member or friend/acquaintance, who are not in a financial position to cover the funeral costs.

In cases of unnatural death where law enforcement agencies are involved, HACO will endeavour to bridge the gap between our community & law enforcement agencies by community representation. By bridging this gap, we will seek to assist the deceased’s member’s family in its interaction with the authorities and also assist the authorities in all possible ways.

When to Call

HACO’s mission is to provide a dignified burial to any member of our community who is not financial prepared to cover the funeral expenses in the unlikely event of death.

We assist families only in Post Death Burial processes & formalities only. For any other emergencies or situations please call 000.

Please call HACO 1300486928 when:

  • Any family member or known acquaintance has died, and you are not in a position to financially cover the funeral cost.
  • If the body needs to be shipped overseas and you are struggling with shipping the deceased person’s body overseas.
  • You or your family want to better understand the funeral process.
  • You need assistance in dealing with law enforcement agencies upon death of a family member or acquaintance.

How we help

In the event of a death of a family member or acquaintance of a member of our community member HACO will seek to:

  • Donate a grave from the existing available graves.
  • Cover the funeral costs by making payment to the funeral service providers.
  • Donate Kafan & other items that go into the grave.
  • In cases of unnatural death were law enforcement agencies are involved assist in liaising with law enforcement agencies by community representation.
  • In rare conditions help raise funds where the body needs to be shipped overseas.

Get Help

HACO’s mission is to provide dignified funeral to any of our community member in the unlikely event of Tragic death.

Support HACO

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Resource Library

HACO is building an extensive resource library in consultation  with respective Authorities that will help the  community to better face adversity.

Community Support Real Result


Help Raise Funds to cover Funeral costs.

10 Graves

HACO has negotiated a 24 month interest free plan with Geelong Cemeteries Trust for the purchase of graves in Flinders Memorial Park in Lara.

Help Raise funds for the purchase of 10 graves.

2 Kafan Reserves

Donate Shrouds / Kafans to stock in Kafan Reserve.

We currently have 12 Shrouds / Kafans in stock.

Male – 3

Female – 4

Kids – 1

3 Cemeteries

We currently own Graves in three cemeteries in the western region of Melbourne

  • Werribee Cemetery
  • Truganina Cemetery
  • Flinders Memorial Park in Lara

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