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HACO was established with a vision to empower the community beyond gender bias. We are committed to this and have reserved 2 seats for our core committee for females from the community.

Cultural diversity & Inclusivity:

HACO understands & cherishes the cultural diversity in Australia. We strive to bring all communities from various cultural & regional backgrounds on a single platform.


We foster a culture of transparency and responsibility. We will investigate any violations and complaints and take appropriate action.

Our Core Values

Compassion & Empathy:

Are embedded in the DNA of HACO. We understand the stress that a family goes through when any of their beloved family member passes away. At HACO every member of the community will be treated with the same compassion & empathy.

Non-discrimination & Fairness:

HACO will treat every single call for help with complete fairness & without any discrimination irrespective of any circumstances of the member seeking assistance or help.


HACO was built with great passion & with a true belief that doing the right thing is fundamental to our very existence. Integrity is our cornerstone and character is as important as ability. We build trust and act with honesty. We comply with our Ethics and all local rules and regulations.

Dignity & Respect:

At HACO every single member of the community who seeks our assistance or help will be treated with highest dignity & respect irrespective of his/her membership with our organisation, School of thought, Religious & Social Affiliation, Financial Situations and or Social Acquaintance.

Our Objectives

The primary objective of our organization is to help any member of the community who is facing death of a beloved family member without any discrimination irrespective of race, region, social background, age, health or political opinions.

Our objective is to :

  • Provide Immediate assistance to families in cases were the families are not financially prepared to cover the funeral costs by donating graves & covering end to end funeral costs.

  • In case of unnatural death facilitate & bridge the gap between the law enforcement agencies & community by community representation.

  • Console & Morally Support families within the community who are facing death of their beloved family member.



Our Mission is to assist, support & stand with any member of our community & their families in the event of death of a beloved family member irrespective of his/her.

  • Membership with our organisation.
  • School of thought.
  • Social Affiliation.


We will start taking the baby steps from Western & Northern Suburbs of Melbourne but dream of reaching out across Australia.


We at Humwatan Australia Community Group (HACO) believe that issues faced by our community need to be addressed proactively not reactively.

Our vision is

  • To provide a dignified burial to any of our community member when they are not financially prepared.
  • In cases of unnatural death assist in bridging the gap between law enforcement agencies and our community by community representation.
  • To unite the community to collectively face adverse situations.

Who Are We

Humwatan Australia Community Organisation is formed by a team of motivated & passionate Individuals within the community.

We are a team of individuals

  • Who are passionate to help the community with a strong belief in action rather than comments.

  • Who are patient to listen, comprehend and conceive the problems of the community and not orators who rush to deliver speeches.

  • Who work on core issues to develop the community from the core not weekend party attendees & small business ribbon cutters.

Do you think you share the same values, dream the same dream &  have the same passion willing to be part of us and contribute towards the constructive development of the community please connect with us, we need you and the community needs you.

Always Open

We believe in the power of great ideas and that these ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Listen, Act, Learn. Repeat.

We at HACO continually experiment. We fail quickly and productively. We use data and feedback to guide our course.

Never Settle

We have an obligation to question the rules, change them for the better, raise the bar, play a different game, and play it better than anyone thinks is possible.


HACO is building an extensive resource library in consultation with Centre Link, Local Governments Authorities (LGA), Victoria Police, Law Enforcement Agencies, Funeral Service Providers, Not for Profit organisations & experienced community individuals that will help the community to better face adversity.