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In the event of Accidental Death

In the unlikely event of Accidental death of a family member of any of our community member or of acquaintance HACO will:

  • Facilitate the end to end process.
  • Donate Grave from the existing available graves.
  • Will cover the funeral costs by making payment to the funeral service providers.
  • Will donate Kafan & other items that go into the grave.
  • In rare conditions were the body needs to be shipped overseas HACO will help raise funds and assist the deceased’s family in facilitating & expediting the process.


Law Enforcement Agencies Consultation:

This is a case of unnatural death were law enforcement agencies are involved HACO will bridge the gap between community & law enforcement agencies by community representation

  • We are in consultation with The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) & Victoria Police in understanding & developing process that we need to follow in case of an accidental death.
  • Please visit the below link for further details.
  • http://www.police.vic.gov.au/content.asp?Document_ID=31


Availability Check:

  • To check for available graves in cemeteries of your choice or closest to your home please visit Graves Map.
  • To check for location of Kafan Reserve closest to your home please visit Kafan Reserve Map.
  • To check for list of all Funeral Service Providers catering to an Islamic burial in Australia accessible at one-point visit List of Funeral Services.
  • To check for Ghusl Service Providers of your choice or closest to your home please visit Ghusl Providers.
  • For additional resources on burial processes & formalities visit our resource library.
  • HACO has developed flow charts to the make process simple & smooth with generic research, consultation of authorities & other online resources. The information provided is for generic information & guidance only & any decisions made should be done in full consultations with the authorised authorities & due legal consultation. HACO is not responsible in any manner or form for any outcomes for decisions taken on the information provided.
  • We will be updating processes as we learn on the go.

Flow Chart