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Thank You for your consideration to HACO

Families who can’t afford funeral costs of their beloved reach out to us for support, to help provide a dignified burial for their beloved ones.Your donation will help us to deliver our mission of providing a dignified burial to any member of our community whose family can’t afford the funeral costs.

Your donations will be utilised to

  • Purchase graves.
  • Cover funeral services expenses.
  • Cover expenses for Ghusl.
  • Regulatory fillings costs to keep the organisation running.
    • Administrative Costs.
    • 1300 number operation Cost.
    • Licensing & Book Keeping.
    • Yearly Renewals.
    • MISC Cost.

We will purchase graves based on demographic data of the closest graveyards near to the suburbs populated by our community. We intend to have funds available at any given time to cover for at least 2 end to end funerals. Thank you for making a difference in your own capacity at an individual level by donating to your organisation and community. Your donation supports our community members in the most traumatic time of their life.

HACO is a Not for Profit Organisation and we are in the process of applying for DGR status as a Deductible Gift Recipient which will make any of your donations that is above $2 tax deductible.Our volunteers are unpaid community members who are passionate of contributing & giving back to the community.

We dream of rendering our selfless services across Australia.

HACO Bank Account Details for Donations

Account Name: HACO Inc

BSB: 033 161

Account Number: 262504