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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this program & How will assisting students to get Australian License help?

The sole purpose & objective of this program is to assist newly arrived Hyderabadi students to achieve Australian driving license at their earliest possible convenience by sharing the burden & paying partial cost of the driving instruction classes thus reducing the direct cost that a newly arrived student will incur.


We at HACO understand and realise the difficulties that a new arrived student from Hyderabad faces as we all have travelled the same journey by arriving on a student visa to pursue our higher education.


We believe one of the best ways to contribute and give back to the community is by assisting newly arrived Hyderabadi students in successfully achieving an Australian Driver’s License. This will open multiple avenues for students to find lawful employments, attain a sustainable life and facilitate students with freedom and flexibility of travel.

Who runs this program?

This program at HACO is run by a very motivated and passionate team formed by volunteers from within Hyderabadi community.

Our Volunteers are our unsung heroes who steel time from their families, who strive to make a difference in their own capacities to assist & help members of the community.


Our volunteers spend extensive times in researching, learning, developing processes, mechanism & infrastructure that will help the community.

Do you think you share the same values, dream the same dream & have the same passion willing to be part of us and contribute towards constructive development of the community please connect with us we need you and the community needs you (Link to Volunteers Page).

By the way we are a very rapidly growing breed.

Who is funding this program?

Hyderabadi Community Individuals who believe in helping newly arrived students from Hyderabad by building an infrastructure that will make them capable of finding paid work are funding this program.

What is the direct cost per driving session to the student?

The general market cost of one driving session for a 45 minutes class is roughly $45.

  1. The student will need to pay only $15 plus GST for a 45-minute session directly to the Driving Instructor.
  2. Student Assistance contribution will be $15 plus GST paid to the Hyderabadi Community Driving Instructor.
  3. The Hyderabadi Community Driving Instructor will be giving a $15 bulk discount & give back to the community.

Do I need to pay GST to the Instructor?

Yes, by law any services provided by service providers in Australia will be required to pay Goods and Service Tax (GST) which is 10% and passed on to the end user..

How will this program be sustainable in the long run if it is being funded by individuals?

We believe that those individuals who take advantage of this program will be more than willing to contribute and give back to support and sustain this program when they become capable to do so which will enable us to serve more and more community members and to keep this cause alive.

I am a community member willing to contribute to this program. What do I need to do?

We believe that every individual in the community is willing to give back to the community in his own capacity in the ways and means that is practical to the individual.


We urge the community member to reach out to us and communicate what & how he wants to contribute to this program, and we will try to facilitate this to the community individual.

Are the driving instructions approved & certified?

Yes, every instructor who is and will be part of this program is fully certified to the required regulations by Vic Roads.

I meet the minimum requirement criteria, but my application is not approved?

At this point in time we have very limited resources and community contributors. On reviewing all the applications and based on the available resources, the applications received & the priorities set applications are approved. Any applications which are not approved for the assistance are placed in a queue and will be contacted as soon as the resources become available.


We will get in touch with the waited listed students once the resources become available.

Why is this program limited to western suburb only?

The volunteered community-based instructors are based in the western suburbs of Melbourne. Hence this program at this point in time is available only for those students who live in the western suburbs of Melbourne or are willing to travel to the western suburbs to take the driving instruction classes.


We intend to reach out to other regions of Melbourne as we grow and get more community participation & community contributors to this initiative.

How long should I wait to get my approval after the application has been submitted?

We will review all the applications received at the end of each week and inform the approved students on Sunday every week.


All students who meet the minimum requirements criteria but have not been approved for assistance will be put on wait list and once the resources become available will contacted by HACO.

Are we expected to repay the contribution?

We do not expect the student to repay the contribution. We do expect the student to recontribute to the program when he is in the capacity to do so. We believe those students who avail the benefits of this program will one day recontribute back to the community and will want to walk in the same footsteps as our current community contributors.

This will keep the program alive and many newly arrived students will get benefitted with this program.