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List of Ghusl Service Providers

HACO has prepared a comprehensive list of Ghusl Providers from across Australia who provide Islamic Ghusl Services.

This list was prepared to have a single point reference & have a consolidated list from across Australia in a single list.

The list was prepared by generic online research, extracting details from search engines, yellow pages, Islamic directories & other online resources.

The information provided is for generic information & guidance only & was correct at the point of preparing the list.

HACO is not responsible in any manner or form for accuracy of the information and any outcomes for decisions taken on the information provided.

We seek community help to keep the list accurate and up to date and urge community members to inform for any updates, additions to the list and or missing service providers.

We will be updating the list as we learn on the go.

Serial No.NameAssociationMoile DetailsEmailState
1TariqPreston Masjid0417 889 956VIC
2Shazeb Janaza Services0452 629 244NSW
3AminSAMAA0411 522 739NSW
4Jawed IqbalAMJCS0452 629 244NSW
5YasinSITFS0411782090, 0423865372NSW