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HACO understands that not everybody is prepared to face tragic or sudden death.

HACO understands that majority of us are first generation migrants & single sibling families which makes it even more difficult to face such situation’s.

HACO is committed to provide help to the families undergoing financial stress and cannot afford to have a dignified burial.


For Organisation

HACO will conduct awareness & fund-raising campaigns which will enable it to raise funds to

  • Purchase Graves in Cemeteries.
  • Payment for Funeral Service Providers.
  • Payments for Ghusl Providers.

For Deceased’s Family

HACO is developing a database of donors who are willing donate graves to families in financial stress & not able to afford purchasing of graves & affording funeral costs.

HACO is developing processes & tools that will prepare us to generate required funding for the deceased’s family in an organised & structured manner.

In rare conditions were the body needs to be shipped overseas HACO will help raise funds and assist the deceased’s family in facilitating & expediting the process.