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Newly Arrived Hyderabadi Student Assistance Program


The purpose of this program is to assist newly arrived Hyderabadi students to achieve Australian driving licenses at their earliest          possible  convenience by paying partial cost of the driving instruction classes.

We will achieve this by sharing the burden by paying partial cost of driving instruction classes thus reducing the cost of taking driving instruction classes to the newly arrived Hyderabadi students. This will enable them to try to acquire an Australian driving license at their earliest convenience by reducing the direct cost that a newly arrived Hyderabadi student will incur.


The sole objective of this program is to assist a newly arrived Hyderabadi student to achieve his/her Australian driving license at their earliest possible convenience by reducing the direct cost that a newly arrived student will incur.

By assisting in achieving an Australian driving license which will open various avenues to find work and sustain a newly arrived student’s stay in Australia we believe is one of the best ways to contribute and give back to the community.


This program at this point in time is available only for newly arrived Hyderabadi students in Melbourne and those who live in the western suburbs of Melbourne or are willing to travel to the western suburbs to take the driving instruction classes. 

We intend to reach out to other regions of Melbourne as we grow and get more community participation & community contributors to this initiative.


We purchase driving lesson classes from Hyderabadi community based certified driving instructors in bulk and invite applications from newly arrived Hyderabadi students.

The students who will match the criteria will be given assistance by payment of partial fees of the driving classes thus minimizing the cost of attaining an Australian driving license.

Assistance will also be provided by partially bearing the cost on the day of driving test as well.

The approved student will pay 33% of cost, XYZ will pay 33% of the cost & 34% will be bulk purchase discount & community contribution by the Hyderabadi community-based driving instructor thus providing a value of 66% at each end of the process.


  • Student Contribution 33% of cost.
  • Student Assistance Program Contribution of 33% of Cost.
  • Bulk Discount 34% Cost reduction.

A detailed flow chart has been developed to explain the process flow.

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Minimum Requirements for Application

  • Applicant should be an enrolled student with any University, TAFE or College in Victoria.
  • Applicant should be on a valid student visa.
  • Applicant can be of any sex (Priority given to female students).
  • Applicant should have passed the Victorian Learners Test.
  • Applicant should have cleared the Victorian HAZARD Test.
  • Applicant should have a Valid Indian Licenses.
  • Applicant should have Indian License verified by Indian consulate.

Priority of Award of Assistance

  • Priority given to Girls.
  • Priority given to students from western suburbs.
  • Priority given to students who have got license which is more than 3 years old.
  • Priority given to recently arrived students.
  • The number of classes capped to 15 hours.

Checks And Balances

  • The student will not be able to take advantage of the subsidised driving sessions unless he/she does not pay his contribution of the cost.
  • The number of classes capped to 15 driving class sessions per student.

Please refer to the calendar of available training sessions to plan your driving session classes.

  Slots Available

    Mon – Fri  7am -2pm     

   Sat & Sun 7am-1pm

A detailed flow chart has been developed to explain the process flow.Student Assistance Program 


An online application submission portal has been developed to facilitate the students to submit the application at their ease whenever & from where ever.

If you are interested taking advantage of this assistance program and book a driving lesson session, please complete the online Application form and we will get in touch with you soon.