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Why do we need your Support

In the past few months we have had 6 deaths due to various reasons in our community across Australia.

Families who can’t afford funeral costs of their beloved reach out to us for support, to help provide a dignified burial for their beloved ones.

In the unlikely event of death of a family member of any of our community member or of acquaintance HACO will:

  • Donate Grave from the existing available graves.
  • Will cover the funeral costs by making payment to the funeral service providers.
  • Will donate Kafan & other items that go into the grave.
  • In cases of unnatural death were law enforcement agencies are involved HACO will bridge the gap between community & law enforcement agencies by community representation.
  • In rare conditions were the body needs to be shipped overseas HACO will help raise funds and assist the deceased’s family in facilitating & expediting the process.


Families who are recent migrants or unaware of the funeral procedures and formalities reach out to us for support.


We have created consolidated lists from entire Australia to have ease of finding required information:

  • List of Islamic Funeral Service Providers in Australia.
  • List of Ghusl Providers in Australia.
  • List of Graveyards in Australia.


We need your support to accomplish this. We need volunteers & funds to

  • Purchase Graves in cemeteries.
  • Cover expenses for Funeral Costs.
  • Cover Misc. Costs to keep the organisation operational.

Every person has the ability to change the world

There are many ways to show you care — you can make a difference


Donate Us

Donation and Regular Giving

100% of your donation will go towards providing a dignified burial to any of our community member. By donating grave & covering end to end funeral cost. Purchase of graves & funeral costs are expensive. Give a little, give a lot — every dollar counts!

Spread the word

Spread the word

Spread the word among friends & family both in terms of what we do and how anyone can get benefitted. Encourage people to be part of this cause & support in every possible way. Your words can make a difference.

fund raising

Host a Fundraising Event

Get involved today! The generosity and support of community members, small businesses and individuals help us to fund our vital services.