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Design Team

  • HACO was formed by a team of passionate individuals willing to serve the community. HACO was formed with a vision to address issues faced by the community with a proactive and head on approach.

  • HACO recognises that the community has immense talent and when this talent comes together for collective causes exceptional results can be achieved.

  • Our Design team is one such example who have come together to achieve a collective task for the community. We come from various backgrounds, experiences & expertise who are willing to keep their individual differences apart and work for a collective cause.

  • Our design team has been working extensively in building required infrastructure, robust processes, protocols & mechanism to address issues that our community might face in an unlikely event of adversity.

  • Our design team is in constant consultation with government authorities, agencies & other departments in understanding how we as a community organisation can help & assist in bridging the gap & facilitating the whole process.

  • We at HACO thank each and every member for his contribution & their selfless efforts to serve the community.

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Sahil Hashmi


Sahil Hashmi has been involved in the Australian Security Industry for more than 17 years and is an active member of ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association Ltd).

Sahil, brings on board great value to his leadership role with a career spanning in every domain of Security industry and an in-depth understanding of end to end Security Services, Security Electronic Wholesaling, Safe Manufacturing and Distribution, Alarm Monitoring and Electronic Solutions.

Currently Sahil is the Director of Citadel Security Group and is passionate of developing new generation of entrepreneurs & business leaders in the community & his passion to serve & give back to the community is unmatchable.


Mohammad Abdul Siddiq

Vice President

Mohammed Siddiq is really passionate about Community Service. Mohammed holds a master’s Degree in Information Systems and a Bachelor's in Computer Applications. Presently employed as a Solution Architect and BDM with one of the largest IT distributors in Australia.

His attitude towards bringing the community together in times of crises, connections in the community & associations with various social organisations make him a unique asset for HACO. He brings to HACO an insatiable desire to help people and a wealth of experience across various domains.

Mohammed is an excellent team player & a patient mentor. His passion for the game of cricket being a regular player at all local matches & a diehard fan of cricket enables him and contribute to the community by coaching the next generation of players.

In the capacity of Vice President Mohammed provides strategic direction & leadership of HACO assisting the President & other committee members.

Zaheer Shaik

Zaheer shaik


Zaheer Shaik is all about execution in its entirety and perfection. He is extremely passionate in serving the community and is always exploring new opportunities to meet and address community needs. As a valued member of the organization, Zaheer provides the much-needed support in building the organization with out of the box ideas and strategies that helps deliver the goals of the organizations and live up to its values.,/p>

By profession, Zaheer works in Change Management and is a valued contributor to the success of VicTrack® that delivers rail transport to the Victorian public at large. Zaheer brings a wealth of knowledge in process development and implementation along with reporting skills. The approach he has to various government bodies is an asset to our organization. He is also a professional Cricket Umpire and has officiated in a few interstate matches alongside various club matches at the district level since the past 7 years.

Trustworthy, Honesty, Excellence and perfection are some words that describe Zaheer. He cements his place and value in the community by engaging him selves with fundraising projects, communal get-togethers and also religious functions/gatherings.

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Humara Aslam Bawazeer

Deputy Treasurer

Humara has a Bachelor of Engineering from Osmania University. With more than 10 years’ experience, Humara has worked extensively in engineering roles performing cost consulting & cost optimization.

Humara is assisting the Treasurer & is responsible for the strategic direction and leadership of Finance at HACO, which includes financial management and reporting of our financial resources and assets and working closely with other areas of the organisation to achieve their strategic goals.

Sayeed Aslam

Sayeed Aslam


Sayeed applies an astute strategic vision and active leadership at HACO given the critical role the organisation and its member at HACO play.

Sayeed ensures the organisation remains true to its vision and mission. Sayeed provides professional executive management of HACO’s complex operations and, with the active participation of HACO Board.

Sayeed holds a Master’s in Project Management from RMIT, Master’s in Telecommunications Engineering from Victoria University & Bachelors in Instrumentation & Control Engineering a business entrepreneur so brings learned expertise to the position of Secretary. Sayeed has an extensive background in community services since his arrival in Australia.

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Kishwer Ansari

Deputy secretary

Kishwer Ansari has a master's degree in Commerce & a Diploma in Early Childhood. Kishwer presently works in the education industry as an assistant kindergarten teacher for 4-6 year olds.

Kishwer’s passion to serve the community, her educational back ground and experience in working with children is brings immense value to HACO.

At HACO Kishwer assist the Secretary for the strategic direction and leadership, ensures the organisation remains true to its vision and mission.

Operation Team

  • HACO Operational Team is formed by volunteers from within the community from various technical, educational & service backgrounds volunteering themselves to offer selfless services to the community.
  • Our volunteers invest extensive times in researching, learning & optimising solutions that will cater to the changing community needs.
  • HACO intends to work extensively with CentreLink, Local Governments Authorities (LGA), Law Enforcement Agencies, Community Organisations, Not for Profit organisations & experienced Community Individuals who are willing to contribute in developing awareness to learn & implement to best serve the community.
  • HACO intends to provide timely trainings to its volunteers in various domains of community service in association with Centre Link, Local Governments Authorities (LGA), Law Enforcement Agencies, Community Organisations, Not for Profit organisations & experienced Community Individuals.
  • Do you think you share the same values, dream the same dream & have the same passion willing to be part of us and contribute towards the constructive development of the community please connect with us we need you and the community needs you.

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