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When to Call


HACO’s mission is to provide a dignified burial to any member of our community who is not financially prepared to cover the funeral expenses in the unlikely event of death.

Please call HACO 1300486928 in the unlikely event of death of a family member or any of our community member of acquaintance who is not financial prepared for the final journey or who does not have the basic understanding of how it all works.

We assist families only in Post Death Burial processes & formalities. For any other emergencies or situations please call 000.

Please call HACO when:

  • Community Members who do not have a Grave to be buried.
  • Community Members who do not have funds to make payments to the Funeral Service Providers.
  • Community Members who do not have Kafan & other items that go into the grave.
  • In rare conditions were the body needs to be shipped overseas and community members who do not have the have the required funds.

In cases of unnatural death were law enforcement agencies are involved HACO will bridge the gap between community & law enforcement agencies by community representation

HACO at this point in time is working towards assisting families in times of death of their beloved family members who have died due to any of these reasons.

We call Trigger for Action and they are:

  • Natural Sudden Death
  • Accidental Death
  • Death by unknown condition
  • Death in terrorist attack
  • Murder
  • Adverse Situation
    • Missing
    • Kidnapping
    • Abduction
Disclaimer: We are not an authority. We are not a funeral services company. The information provided is based on our generic research, consultation of authorities & other online resources.
The information provided is for generic information & guidance only.
Any decisions made should be done in full consultations with the authorised authorities & due legal consultation.
HACO is not responsible in any manner or form for any outcomes for decisions taken on the information provided.